Devil’s boi

August 23, 2007 - Leave a Response

Devil’s boi

I still remember the first day
my mom told me about God
How he created this world
You me and all

She taught me to pray to a hypocrite
Believe in a book that made no sense at all
I forced myself to believe in God
Coz’ I know my mom would not lie at all

Day by day I realized that his friends
Didn’t like me much at all
And that house where he lived
Didn’t really accept me at all

I still remember my mom told me that God is all
He will accept anyone, whoever and whatever you are
She told me he will forgive
But I have done no mistake at all

I now ask myself who I am?
Who the hell created me?
It cant be God who did that
Coz’ he just don’t seem to like me at all

Why would he reject what he created?
Was I just a mistake or what?
Or was it just a trial that failed?
So may be I am the devil’s boi…

I ask whoever who created this world
Jesus, Alla and all
Do you think it’s some joke
Or a game on your part?

Come out Lord Jesus
come out Anyone at all
Answer all my questions
As your friends can’t do it at all

You made me so confused
Made my whole life feel so ‘wrong’
And now there is not much of a doubt
That I really hate you all

How can you call yourself God?
When you have made my mother cry
Made her believe she gave birth to the devil
And do you forget you created her at all

Can anyone answer me?
The ones who believe in God
The ones who say he created this world
Do you think I am the devil’s boi?